Rose TattooRock'n'Roll Outlaw
またの名を Nice Boys
で、またまたの名を Rose Tattoo
REP 4010-WZ


WTG 19280

  1. Rock'n'Roll Outlaw
  2. Nice Boys
  3. The Butcher And Fast Eddy
  4. One Of The Boys
  5. Remedy
  6. Bad Boy For Love
  7. T.V.
  8. Stuck On You
  9. Tramp
  10. Astra Wally
    Bonus Tracks For REP 4010-WZ
  11. Never Too Loud
  12. I Had You First
  13. Fightin' Sons
  14. Snow Queen
  15. Rock'n'Roll Outlaw (Live)
  16. Bad Boy For Love (Live)
  17. Rock'n'Roll Is King (Live)
  18. Suicide City (Live)
Mirage (USA) WTG 19280 (Rock'n Roll Outlaw) (処分済)
Century (Japan) CECC-00559 (Nice Boys) (処分済)
Repertoire (Germany) REP 4010-WZ (Rose Tatoo)

喉から血が出るボーカル。ハードブギ。初期の AC/DC より一回りウサン臭いけど、そこが良い。