Mick FarrenVampires Stole My Lunch Money. (泥棒ヴァンパイアに御用心)
  1. Trouble Coming Every Day
  2. Half Price Drinks
  3. I Don't Want To Go This Way
  4. I Want A Drink
  5. Son Of A Millionaire
  6. Zombie Line
  7. Bela Lugosi
  8. People Call You Crazy
  9. Fast Eddie
  10. Let Me In, Damn You
  11. (I Know From) Self Destruction
  12. Drunk In The Morning
Captain Trip (Japan) CTCD-103
Produced By Larry Wallis
Mick Farren : vocals
Larry Wallis : guitars
Wilko Johnson : guitars
Andy Colquhoun : bass
Alan Powell : drums
Chrissie Hynde : bacuup vocals
Sonja Kristina : bacuup vocals