Mx-80Out Of Control
    ALP 32 CD (Out Of Control)

    MX-8002 (Out Of The Tunnel)

    MX-8102 (Crowed Control)

    1. White Night
    2. It's Not My Fault
    3. Follow That Car
    4. Fender Bender
    5. I Walk Among Them
    6. Some Day You'll Be King
    7. Frankie I'm Sorry
    8. Gary & Priscilla
    9. Man In The Box
    10. Metro-Teens
    11. Face Of The Earth
    12. Crowd Control
    13. Why Are We Here
    14. Obsessive Devotion
    15. Theme From Halloween
    16. More Than Good
    17. Night Rider
    18. City Of Fools
    19. Theme From Sisters
    20. Cover To Cover
    21. Pharoah's Sneakers
    22. Promise Of Love
    Ralph (USA) MX-8002 (Out Of The Tunnel)
    Ralph (USA) MX-8102 (Crowed Control)
    Atavistic (USA) ALP 32 CD
    Out Of The Tunnel と Crowed Control の 2 in 1

    とばし過ぎで空中分解してそうだけど、Out Of The Tunnel は最高傑作だと思っているので。