MothersFillmore East June 1971 (フィルモアのマザーズ)


  1. Little House I Used To Live In
  2. The Mud Shark
  3. What Kind Of Girl Do You Think You Are?
  4. Bwana Dik
  5. Latex Solar Beef
  6. Willie The Pimp Part One
  7. Do You Like My New Car ?
  8. Happy Together
  9. Lonesome Electric Turkey
  10. Peaches En Regalia
  11. Tears Began To Fall
Warner Pioneer (Japan) P-8151R
Video Arts (Japan) VACK-1213 (紙ジャケ)

Zappa で初めて買ったのがコレ。当時何で買ったのかは今や不明。
Willie The Pimp はもうちょっと長くても良いのでは。