Steve HackettVoyage Of Acolyte (侍祭の旅)

CASCD 1111


  1. Ace Of Wands
  2. Hands Of The Priestess, Part I
  3. A Tower Struck Down
  4. Hands Of The Priestess, Part II
  5. The Hermit
  6. Star Of Sirius
  7. The Lovers
  8. Shadow Of The Hierophant
    Bonus Tracks For VJCP-68773
  9. Ace Of Wands (Live At The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane)
  10. Shadow Of The Hierophant (Extended Playout Version)
Nippon Phonogram (Japan) BT-5168 (処分済)
Virgin (Holland) CASCD 1111 (処分済)
Toshiba EMI (Japan) VJCP-68773 (紙ジャケ)