Todd RundgrenBack To The Bars (未来への回帰)


Disc 1Disc 2
  1. Real Man
  2. Love Of The Common Man
  3. The Verb "To Love"
  4. Love In Action
  5. A Dream Goes On Forever
  6. Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel
  7. The Range War
  8. Black And White
  9. The Last Ride
  10. Cliche
  11. Don't You Ever Learn ?
  1. Never Never Land
  2. Black Maria
  3. Zen Archer
  4. I'm So Proud - (medley)
    - Ooh Baby Baby
    - La La Means I Love You
    - I Saw The Light
  5. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
  6. Eastern Intrigue
  7. Initiation
  8. Couldn't I Just Tell You
  9. Hello It's Me
Warner Pioneer (Japan) P-5561/2W (処分済)
Victor (Japan) VICP-60265/6 (処分済)
Victor (Japan) VICP-63460/1 (紙ジャケ)