Popol AceStolen From Time (オーロラよりの使者)
843 173 2

MPF 1011 (裏ジャケはオモテ画像の一部拡大)

  1. Bury Me Dead (深く埋めろ!)
  2. Today Another Day
  3. Jester
  4. Soft Shoe Dancer
  5. Mr. Bigalow
  6. Sweet Tune
  7. Sleepwalker
  8. I Can See Tears
  9. Suicide (安らぎへの旅立ち)
Polydor (Japan) MPF 1011
Universqal (Norway) 843 173 2 (Remastered 2003) (ボックスセットのものとバラと2枚あったが1枚は処分済)
Thor Andreassen : Drums, Percussion
Terje Methi : Bass, Fuzz Bass, Backing Vocals
Arne Schulze : Electric, Acoustic and 12 string guitars and synthesized effects on "Suicide"
Pete Knutsen : Electric, Acoustic Guitar, Concert Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes, Clavinette String Ensemble, Hammond C3 Organ,David Rubio Harpsichord, Mellotron, Mini Moog and backing vocals
Jahn Teigen : Lead Vocals, Glockenspiel and backing vocals

Guest Musicians
Sylvette Allart : played Ondes Martenot on "Sleepwalker", "Soft Shoe Dancer" and "Sweet Tune"
Richard Raux : played Soprano and Tenor Sax on "Jester"
Inger-Lise-Rypdal : Backing vocals on "Sleepwalker" and "Suicide"

Engineered by Vic Smith, Produced by Vic Smith and Popol Ace