Derringer / Rick DerringerIf I Weren't So Romantic, I'd Shoot You (ロマンティック・シューター)
c/w Face To Face
WOU 5075

JZ 35075

SKY 84462
If I Weren't So Romantic, I'd Shoot You
  1. It Ain't Funny
  2. Midnight Road
  3. If I Weren't So Romantic
  4. Ez Action
  5. Lawyers, Guns And Money
  6. Power Of Love
  7. Sleepless
  8. Tonight
  9. Rocka Rolla
  10. Attitude
  11. Monomania
Face To Face
  1. Runaway
  2. You'll Get Yours
  3. Big City Loneliness
  4. Burn The Midnight Oil
  5. Let The Music Play
  6. Jump, Jump, Jump
  7. I Want A Lover
  8. My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
Blue Sky (USA) JZ 35075 (If I Weren't 〜・処分済)
Blue Sky (UK) SKY 84462 (Face To Face・処分済)
Track 6 & 8 : recorded live at Uncle Sam's Hull, MA by Starfleet
R.D. guitar and vocals
Donnie Kisselbacj - bass and vocals
Jimmy Wilkox - drums and vocals
Benjy King - keyboards and vocals
Wounded Bird (USA) WOU 5075 (If I Weren't c/w Face To Face)