Doctors Of MadnessFigments Of Emancipation (虚構の美学)


2383 403

  1. Brothers (For John & Brain)
  2. Suicide City (For Jacqueline)
  3. Perfect Past (For Rene)
  4. Marie & Joe (For Marie & Joe)
  5. In Camera (Huis Clos) (For Simon, Charlie, Andy & Bill Cocteau)
  6. Doctors Of Madness (For Me & You)
  7. Out (For Mitzi)
Bonus Tracks For OZITCD 0045
  1. Out (Live Version)
  2. What Goes On (Live Version)
Bonus Tracks For AIRAC-1556
  1. Doctors Of Madness (Original Version)
  2. Out (Live Version)
  3. What Goes On (Live Version)
Polydor Super (UK) 2383 403
Ozit (UK) OZITCD 0045
Airmail Recordings (Japan) AIRAC-1556 (紙ジャケ)

produced by John Leckie (1976)

Kid Strange : Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion
Urban Blitz : Violino Electrique, Baritone Violectra, Strings, Guitars, Gaucherie Garage (Perfect Pitch)
Stooner : Bass, Fuzz Bass, Percussion, Vocals
Peter Di Lemma : Drums, Percussion, Vocals