Pat McGlynn's ScottiesDaydream Believer / Pat McGlynn Birthday Album

GP 1095

  1. Daydream Believer (デイドリーム)
  2. Japanese Girl (僕のジャパニーズ・ガール)
  3. As Long As We've Got Love (愛があるかぎり)
  4. Gonna Make You Love Me (恋をしようよ)
  5. Too Many Flights (恋の最終便)
  6. Can't Get You Out Of My Mind (忘れられない君だから)
  7. The Letter (あの娘のレター)
  8. Making Love On The Late Show (真夜中のデート)
  9. Highways In My Mind (青春のハイウェイ)
  10. Masami (マサミ)
    CD Bonus Tracks
  11. If I Could Be Your Man
  12. Maria
King (Japan) GP 1095
BMG (Japan) BVCP-24154 (紙ジャケ)