Clive Langer & The BoxesSplash

Single (AIRPROMO-053)


  1. Hello
  2. Never Wanted You
  3. Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya
  4. Hope And Glory
  5. Best Dressed Man
  6. Half As Nice
  7. Splash (A Tear Goes Rolling Down)
  8. It's All Over Now
  9. Burning Money
  10. Take You Down
  11. First Thing In The Morning
  12. Had A Nice Night
    CD Bonus Tracks
  13. The Whole World
  14. Lovely Evening
  15. I Know I
  16. Those Days
  17. Simple Life
Warner Pioneer (Japan) P-10891X
Airmail Recordings (Japan) AIRAC-1679/AIRPROMO-053 (WP)
Clive Langer : guitars and vocals
James Eller : bass
Martin Hughes : drums
Ben Barson : keyboards

A Big Ripple For Bette Bright, Wil Stallibrass, Steve Allen, Ian Briudie, Alan James And The Rumour Brass