GeordieHope You Like It (ロック魂)


REP 4033-C
  1. Keep On Rockin'
  2. Give You Till Monday
  3. Hope You Like It
  4. Don't Do That
  5. All Because Of You
  6. Old Time Time Rocker
  7. Oh Lord
  8. Natural Born Looser
  9. Atrange Man
  10. Ain't It Just Like A Woman
  11. Geordie's Lost His Liggie
Bonus Tracks For REP 4033-C
  1. Can You Do It
  2. Electric Lady
  3. Geordie Stomp
  4. Black Cat Woman
Bonus Tracks For AIRAC-1182
  1. Can You Do It
  2. Francis Was A Rocker
  3. Rock'n Roller
Bonus Tracks For GLAMBOX160/1
  1. Francis Was A Rocker
  2. Can You Do It
  3. Rad Eyed Lady
  4. Electric Lady
  5. Geordie Stomp
  6. Black Cat Woman
Repertoire (Germany) REP 4033-C (処分済)
Airmail Recordings (Japan) AIRAC-1182 (紙ジャケ)
7T'S (EU) GLAMBOX160/1 (紙ジャケ風・内袋)