GeordieSave The World

  1. Mama's Gonna Take You Home
  2. She's A Teaser
  3. Goodbye Love
  4. I Cried Today
  5. You Do This To Me
  6. Save The World
  7. Rocking Horse
  8. Fire Queen
  9. She's A Lady
  10. Light In My Window
  11. Ride On Baby
  12. We're All Right Now

CD Bonus Tracks For AIRAC-1184
  1. Black Cat Woman
  2. Geordie Stomp

CD Bonus Tracks For GLAMBOX160/3
  1. I Can't Forget You Now
  2. I Can't Give It Up
  3. Rockin' With The Boys Tonight
  4. Treat Her Like A Lady
Airmail Recordings (Japan) AIRAC-1184 (紙ジャケ)
7T'S (EU) GLAMBOX160/3 (紙ジャケ風・内袋)