Cheap TrickIn Color (And In Black And White) (蒼ざめたハイウェイ)


ESCA 5215
  1. Hello There
  2. Big Eyes
  3. Downed
  4. I Want You To Want Me
  5. You're All Talk
  6. Oh Caroline
  7. Clock Strikes Ten
  8. Southern Girls
  9. Come On, Come On
  10. So Good To See You
Bonus Tracks For MHCP 75
  1. Oh Boy (Instrumental Version)
  2. Southern Girls (Demo)
  3. Come On, Come On (Demo)
  4. You're All Talk (Live)
  5. Goodnight (Live)
Bonus Tracks For SICP-31062
  1. Oh Boy (Instrumental Version)
  2. I Want You To Want Me (Alternate Version)
  3. Southern Girls (Single Version)
  4. Southern Girls (Ardent Studios Demo)
  5. You're All Talk (Early Studio Version)
  6. Come On, Come On (Ardent Studios Demo)
  7. 1977 Radio Station ID's
Epic Sony (Japan) ESCA 5215 (処分済)
Epic (Japan) MHCP 75 (紙ジャケ・'98 マスタ)
Sony (Japan) SICP-31062 (紙ジャケ・2017 マスタ)

ESCA 5215
MHCP 75 は全体的に中低音が厚くなった。