Cheap TrickAll Shook Up

MHCP 1079
  1. Stop This Game
  2. Just Got Back
  3. Baby Loves To Rock
  4. Can't Stop It (But I'm Gonna Try)
  5. World's Greatest Lover
  6. High Priest Of Rhythmic Noise
  7. Love Comes A-Tumblin' Down
  8. I Love You Honey But I Hate Your Friends
  9. Go For The Throat (Use Your Own Imagination)
  10. Who D'King
Bonus Tracks For MHCP 1079
  1. Everything Works If You Let It
  2. Day Tripper (Live - From 'Found All The Parts' EP)
  3. Can't Hold On (Live - From 'Found All The Parts' EP)
  4. Such A Good Girl (From 'Found All The Parts' EP)
  5. Take Me I'm Yours (From 'Found All The Parts' EP)
Bonus Tracks For MHCP SICP-31067
  1. World's Greatest Lover (Single Version)
  2. Oh Boy (Vocal Version)
  3. I Need Love (Demo)
  4. Loser (Demo)
  5. Reach Out (From 'Heavy Metal' Original Soundtrack)
  6. I Must Be Dreamin' (From 'Heavy Metal' Original Soundtrak)
  7. Everythig Works If You Let It (Extended Alternate Version)
  8. World's Greatest Lover (Demo - Rick Vocal)
  9. Tone Tape
Sony (Japan) MHCP 1079 (紙ジャケ)
Sony (Japan) SICP-31067 (紙ジャケ・2017 マスタ)