Cheap TrickNext Position Please
  1. I Can't Take It
  2. Boderline
  3. I Don't Love Here Anymore
  4. Next Position Please
  5. Younger Girls
  6. Dancing The Night Away
  7. 3-D
  8. You Say Jump
  9. Y.O.Y.O.Y.
  10. Won't Take No For An Answer
  11. Heaven's Falling
  12. Invaders Of The Heart
    CD Bonus Tracks
  13. Don't Hit Me With Love
  14. Dancing The Night Away (Short Version)
  15. Up The Creek (Acapella Intro) (From The Movie 'Up The Creek')
  16. Up The Creek (7'' Version) (From The Movie 'Up The Creek')
  17. Don't Make Our Love A Crime (Demo)
  18. Twisted Heart
  19. Don't Make Our Love A Crime
  20. You Talk Too Much
  21. Get Ready
Sony (Japan) SICP-31069 (WP)