GongFlying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1)
BELLE 182854

  1. Radio Gnome Invisible
  2. Flying Teapot
  3. The Pot Head Pixies
  4. The Octave Doctors & The Crystal Machine
  5. Zero The Hero And The Witches Spell
  6. Witches Song
    - I Am Your Pussy
Toho (Japan) YX-7024 (処分済)
Victor (Japan) VICP-61172 (20 Bit K2・処分済)
Victor (Japan) VICP-63272 (24 Bit K2)
Belle Antique (Japan) BELLE 182854

20Bit と 24Bit は聞き比べたが違いはわからなかった。