ESCA 7855
  1. Give Me Shakespeare
  2. Stay The Night
  3. Stranger In Paris
  4. Ashes And Diamonds
  5. Jamaica Girl
  6. One Life, One Love, One Day
  7. When It Hurts You
  8. Pyjama Party
  9. I Wish I Had A Way With Women
  10. Machines
    Bonus Tracks For GLAMBOX169/5
  11. All I Need Is A Girl
  12. Copacabana
  13. Give Me Shakespeare (7' Version)
  14. The Runaway
Epic (Japan) ESCA 7855
7T's (EU) GLAMBOX169/5 (紙ジャケ風・内袋)

Give Me Shakespeare は、A Glass Of Champagne の二番煎じ?