SRMC 0088
  1. The Weary Song
  2. Dragonfly
  3. I Turned My Face Into The Wind
  4. Josephine, For Better Or For Worse
  5. Another Day
  6. 'Til The Sun Comes Shining Through
  7. Young Again
  8. The Visions Of The Lady Of The Lake
  9. Close Your Eyes
    Bonus Tracks For UICY-78834
  10. We'll Meet Again Sometimes
  11. Forever
  12. Another Day (BBC Radio One - 'Top Gear' Session)
  13. We'll Meet Again Sometimes (BBC Radio One - 'Top Gear' Session)
Si Wan (Korea) SRMC 0083 (紙ジャケ)
Universal (Japan) UICY-78834 (紙ジャケ)
[8] は Rick Wakeman 参加。