TankPower Of The Hunter (反逆の戦士)
TANK-MLPCD-002 (オモテジャケの4隅に TANK の文字)


REP 4150-WP

  1. Walking Barefoot Over Glass
  2. Pure Hatred
  3. Biting And Scratching
  4. Some Came Running
  5. T.A.N.K
  6. Used Leather (Hanging Loose)
  7. Crazy Horses
  8. Set Your Back On Fire
  9. Red Skull Rock
  10. Power Of The Hunter
Bonus Tracks For MASS CD 1107 DG, TANK-MLPCD-002
  1. Oh, What A Beautiful Morning
  2. Crazy Horses (Single Version)
  3. Filth Bitch Boogie (Single Version)
Victor (Japan) VIP-6023 (処分済)
Repertoire (Germany) REP 4150-WP
Metal Mind (UK) MASS CD 1107 DG
Rubicon (Japan) TANK-MLPCD-002 (紙ジャケ・2019 年マスタ)

かすかに This Means War (3rd) を感じさせる曲はあるが、まだ、モタついてる。
REP 4150-WP
MASS CD 1107 DG(音圧が微増、程度)