YesFragile (こわれもの)

AMCY-6291 (WPCR-13515 も画像はおおむね同じ)


Booklet (P-10102A)
  1. Roundabout
  2. Cans And Brahms
  3. We Have Heaven
  4. South Side Of The Sky
  5. Five Per Cent For Nothing
  6. Long Distance Runaround
  7. The Fish (Shindleria Praematurus)
  8. Mood For A Day
  9. Heart Of The Sunrise
    Bonus Tracks For WPCR-13515
  10. America
  11. Roundabout (Early Rough Mix)
Warner Pioneer (Japan) P-10102A (処分済)
East West (Japan) AMCY-4028 (処分済)
East West (Japan) AMCY-6291 (A 式紙ジャケ・HDCD)
Warner Music (Japan) WPCR-13515 (E 式紙ジャケ)
Warner Music (Japan) WPCR-18157 (2015 Remix (スティーヴン・ウィルソン・リミックス))

AMCY-6291 (ドロップアウトが多すぎる。)