CreamWheels Of Fire (クリームの素晴らしき世界)
UICY-40038/9 (ボックス)



UICY-40038/9 金色ジャケの模造カバー
Disc 1 (In The Studio)Disc 2 (Live At The Fillmore)
  1. White Room
  2. Sitting On Top Of The World
  3. Passing The Time
  4. As You Said
  5. Pressed Rat And Warthog
  6. Politician
  7. Those Were The Days
  8. Born Under A Bad Sign
  9. Deserted Cities Of The Heart
    Bonus Tracks For UICY-40038
  10. Anyone For Tennis
  11. Falstaff Beef Commerical
  1. Crossroads
  2. Spoonful
  3. Traintime
  4. Toad
    Bonus Tracks For UICY-40039
  5. Sunshine Of Your Love
  6. N.S.U.
Polydor (Japan) MWU-9701/2 (処分済)
Universal (Japan) UICY-9152/3 (紙ジャケ・1997年マスタ)
Universal (Japan) UICY-40038/9 (紙ジャケ・2013年マスタ・Plutinum SHM)
UICY-40038/9 ほぼ同じ