David BowieThe Mod Years 1964-1967
  1. Liza Jane / Davie Jones & The King Bees
  2. Louie Go Home
  3. I Pity The Fool / The Manish Boys
  4. Take My Tip
  5. You've Got A Habit Of Leaving / Davy Jones With The Lower Third
  6. Baby Loves That Way
  7. Can't Help Thinking About Me
  8. And I Say To Myself
  9. Do Anything You Say / David Bowie With The Buzz
  10. Good Morning Girl
  11. I Dig Everything
  12. I'm Not Losing Sleep
  13. That's A Promise (Unreleased Song, Demo) / David Bowie
  14. Silly Boy Blue (Demo)
  15. Let Me Sleep Beside You (Demo)
  16. Karma Man (Demo)
  17. When I Live My Dream (Demo)
  18. That's Where My Heart Is (Solo Demo)
  19. I Want My Baby Back (Solo Demo)
  20. Bars Of The County Jail (Solo Demo)
  21. I'll Follow You
  22. Glad I've Got Nobody
  23. Love You 'Till Tuesday (Demo)
  24. Over The Wall We Go (Unreleased Song, Demo)
  25. I Pity The Fool (Alternate Vocal)
  26. Take My Tip (Alternate Vocal)
  27. You've Got A Habit Of Leaving (Alternate Guitar)
  28. Do Anything You Say (Alternate Mix)
Eternal Grooves (Japan) EGRO-0022
The Manish Boys ̃M^[ Jimmy Page