Index E

Eagles Eagles
Desperado (ならず者)
On The Border
One Of These Night (呪われた夜)
Hotel California
The Long Run
Hell Freezes Over
Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975
Greatest Hits Volume 2
Earth And Fire Earth And Fire + 2
Song Of The Marching Children (アムステルダムの少年兵) + 5
Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth Wind & Fire
Open Our Eyes (太陽の化身) + 4
That's The Way Of The World (暗黒への挑戦) + 5
Gratitude (灼熱の狂宴) + 1
Spirit (魂) + 5
All 'N All (太陽神) + 3
East Of Eden Mercator Projected (世界の投影)
Mercator Projected (世界の投影) + 3
Snafu (錯乱) + 7
Snafu (錯乱) + 1
East Of Eden
New Leaf + 5
Here We Go Again...
Shadow Thing Boot
Eddie And The Hot Rods
Eddie & The Hot Rods
Eddie + Hot Rods
Teenage Depression (十代の暴走) + 12
Life On The Line (イチかバチか) + 9
Thriller + 2
BBC Radio One Live In Concert
Curse Of The Hot Rods / Ties That Bind
Dave Edmunds

The Dave Edmunds Band
Subtle As A Flying Mallet (ひとりぼっちのスタジオ) + 2
Get It
Tracks On Wax 4
The Best Of Dave Edmunds
Informa'tion, (恋のインフォメーション)
Riff Raff
I Hear You Rockin' The Hits Live
Egg Egg + 2
The Polite Force (優雅な軍隊)
The Civil Surface
(The) Electric Light Orchestra

First Light Series
The Electric Light Orchestra
ELO 2 + 8 c/w The Lost Planet
On The Third Day (第三世界の曙)
Eldorado + 2
Face The Music
A New World Record (オーロラの救世主)
Out Of The Blue (Limited Millennium Edition)
Discovery + 2
Secret Messages
Balance Of Power
Electric Sun

Uli Jon Roth
Earthquake (天地震動〜ジミ・ヘンドリックスの魂に捧ぐ)
Fire Wind
Beyond The Astral Skies (天空よりの使者)
Elias Hulk Unchained (超人ハルク登場!)
Yvonne Elliman Food Of Love
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Pictures At An Exhibition (展覧会の絵)
Brain Salad Surgery (恐怖の頭脳改革)
Welcome Back My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends - Ladies And Gentlemen
Works Volume 1 (ELP 四部作)
Works Volume 2 (作品第二番)
Love Beach
In Concert
The End Introspection + 2
The Enid Touch Me + 2
Salome + 2
England Garden Shed + 1
Live In Japan / Kikimimi (聴耳)
Brian Eno Here Come The Warm Jets
Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
Another Green World
Before And After Science
John Entwistle

Rigor Motis

John Entwistle's Ox
Smash Your Head Against The Wall (衝撃!!) + 9
Whistle Rymes (風の詩) + 4
Rigor Mortis Sets In (死後硬直) + 4
Mad Dog + 2
Too Late The Hero (最後のヒーロー) + 5
Wreckless Eric Wreckless Eric + 1
Roky Erickson

Roky Erickson & The Aliens
I Think Of Demons
The Evil One
Gremlins Have Pictures + 4
All That May Do My Rhyme
You're Gonna Miss Me - The Best Of Roky Erickson
Ethos Ardour (熱情)
Open Up
The Explorers Live At The Palace

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